Bank of Greece: Report on Operational Targets for Non-Performing Exposures

The Bank of Greece publishes the report on Operational Targets for Non-Performing Exposures (NPEs), which refers to end of June…

Hellenic Association of Insurance Companies: Marine crew insurance 2017 executive summary

A total of 996 contracts for marine crew insurance were in force in 2017 (+3.1% compared to 2016). The corresponding…

Hellenic Association Of Insurance Companies: Premium Q1-Q2 2018 Executive Summary

Executive summary HAIC conducts a monthly survey of its member-companies regarding the premium production per line of business. The purpose…

Eurobank: Second Quarter 2018 Financial Results

In order to see the press release of the bank's financial results, follow the link below: https://www.eurobank.gr/-/media/eurobank/omilos/grafeio-tupou/etairikes-anakoinoseis/2q2018-financial-results/2q2018-results-pr-en.pdf?la=en

ALPHA BANK: First Half 2018 profit after tax at euro 12.3 million

In order to view the Press Release in .pdf format follow the link below: https://www.alpha.gr/files/deltia_typou/dt300818en.pdf
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