Smart Tech on Big Display At Posidonia 2018

Τρίτη, 17 Απριλίου 2018 12:08

From fully-automated ports to unmanned smart ships and from far more reliable location - specific weather forecast to cloud gathering and process of ship data, the future of the shipping industry will be on a prolific display at this year’s edition of the world’s most prestigious shipping exhibition, to be held at Athens Metropolitan Expo from June 4 – 8.

With confirmations from over 60 Information Communication Technology (ICT) international companies, the Posidonia Exhibition continues to be the preferred forum for an industry that hopes to radically transform the future of shipping.

“During the last decades, little has changed in the way ocean going vessels dock, load and transport their cargoes to ports around the world, in comparison to other industries where the advent of digital technologies has brought about a profound transformation,” said Theodore Vokos, Executive Director, Posidonia Exhibitions S.A., the organizer of the event which celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. “But in recent years, we have seen an ever-growing number of ICT companies coming to Posidonia with solutions designed specifically to address the maritime sector’s challenges and help it make the transition from tradition to a digitally transformed future.”

This year’s Posidonia ICT participants come from 18 countries representing every corner of the world, from the USA to the United Arab Emirates, from the United Kingdom to Australia, Gibraltar to Singapore and almost every country in Europe.

Their services and products include solutions from the cutting-edge realms of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data and Automation to the more mundane ICT aspects of Cyber Protection and Computer Applications. While the majority of these solutions are already helping shipping improve in critical areas such as satellite communications, cargo tracking, navigation and crew management and energy efficiency, others are designed with the future in mind aspiring to redefine the way shipping companies conduct their business.

SAP Hellas is one of the exhibitors at Posidonia 2018 targeting shipping companies with its bespoke ICT offering. According to Andreas Xirocostas, Managing Director, SAP Hellas, Cyprus and Malta: “In an age of increasing expectations and complexity, it is required to reevaluate today’s business and adopt strategies that enable maritime industry to scale, while at the same time be more reliable, cost-effective, and customer-centric. To meet the demand, companies have to recognise the importance of being a part of the digital world and incorporating digital strategies. SAP can help shipping companies to create a competitive advantage through innovation and digital transformation with digital core, business networks, supply chains and Internet of Things (IoT) technology”.

On behalf of HP Hellas, Haris Amourgis, Commercial Sales Manager, commented:

“In the shipping industry, IT can be a key contributor in enabling business growth and development: with the need for always-on communication, technology offers ways for users and to stay connected – regardless of their devices, locations or time zones. At the same time, with the great amount of data being transferred continuously and the danger of hacking ever-present, shipping companies need to rethink security to cover even more flex devices and infrastructures. The IT of today can offer the right solution to combine advanced security features and protect against risk, along with real-time, work-anywhere mobility to keep end users satisfied, making the worldwide operations of shipping companies more efficient and increasing performance on all levels. “

And technology is being created, developed and promoted to the shipping industry from all around the world, as the impressive line-up of ICT companies at Posidonia showcases the many different options available today for shipowners, shipmanagers and port operators.

Greek end-to-end shipping software solutions and professional services provider Fortune Technologies SA, is gearing up for yet another Posidonia participation which it sees as a platform for global brand awareness and the launch pad for its international expansion plans. “Posidonia is a great opportunity and the right place to demonstrate our award-winning solutions to a wide range of relevant customers, share our deep expertise and state-of-the-art offering and demonstrate to the international maritime community the reasons why we have gained such momentum and recognition,” said George Frydas, Managing Director, Fortune Technologies.

First-time Posidonia exhibitor, ShipServ, a provider of procurement, e-commerce,online trading services to the marine industry, has lined up a week full of product demonstrations for its maiden Athens Metropolitan Expo presence. The UK-headquartered company, which maintains offices in Athens, London, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Singapore, New Jersey and Manila, will present its newly developed Supplier Performance Report which helps clients analyse trends and identify where improvements can be made. To complement its participation and further highlight the importance of ICT in today’s shipping industry, Shipserv will also host a seminar titled: “Practices in digital procurement & category management. Reduce time, save money, optimize suppliers”.

Technology consultants Socius is preparing for its first standalone participation as an exhibitor at Posidonia this summer. The Croatian tech experts, who provide planned maintenance system databases and related technical support will be presenting Generic SdatabasesimportableintoanyComputerisedMaintenance Management System, a completely new concept in the European market. Its Database engineers will be conducting individual presentations at the event.

An unexpected, but by now regular exhibitor at Posidonia is Vodafone, the telecommunications & business technology solutions provider, which returns to Posidonia for the second time where it plans to share trends and services that can help maritime companies effectively meet current and future telecommunications needs. Katherine Stathaki, Enterprise Unit Director, said: “Vodafone has always been present and active in serving shipping industry needs by offering credible and flexible solutions. In this regard it is essential for us to stay up to date on trends and issues that affect the industry in order to be able to continue to support shipping companies with meaningful, innovative and relevant integrated solutions.”

Ferry Cross The Mersey

The UK’s Survitec is making its Posidonia debut this summer with the dual objectives of showcasing its portfolio to new and existing customers and launching new products and services to the market. Support of its in-country distributor Marita Hellas is also one of the aims of the Merseyside company, which specialises in the design and manufacture of marine safety equipment. Its services range from the provision of marine lifesaving equipment for cargo vessels and passenger ships through to the total supply and management of marine safety equipment for emergency services and local government. “We are delighted to be attending Posidonia 2018. The exhibition itself is a great opportunity for those within the maritime industry to discover new and innovative forms of best practice as well as showcase their own outstanding work. As Survitec’s boots on the ground in Greece, I’m proud to represent an international brand at Posidonia” said Stavros Fountas, Sales Director – Continental Europe.

Health comes first

American medical services provider SphereMD is gearing up for its first ever participation at Posidonia where it plans to provide information on managing and controlling medical care and expenses in the U.S. and the Americas. As an expert in case management, crew care, medical advice and medical bill auditing, the Portland headquartered medical specialist has been working with P&I clubs and service agents as a provider in the U.S. for over twenty years. Over the last five years, SphereMD has focused its offerings directly to shipowners and managers, making international exhibitions a key venue for reaching our client base. Brian Battalia, CEO said: ”SphereMD is committed to electronic data management of patient information and data. We believe that this is the best way to provide and promote the transparency, analytics, and evolution in the medical health data arena that shipping is so hungry for. SphereMD represents the newest paradigm in crew medical services, data collection, and maritime health. We are pleased to be a part of the shipping community and to present our services to the Posidonia attendees.”

Boiling Hot

Marine chemicals specialist Chemo Hellas plans to launch a new boiler chemical cleaning solution at Posidonia 2018. The Greek company returns to Posidonia for the fifth time to gain strong industry support and market endorsement as it expects to meet with existing clients in the region and to obtain new ones. “Through our participation at Posidonia and other international exhibitions Chemo gains extroversion, recognition of its products and services along with new customers. International exhibitions give us the chance to establish new business contacts locally and internationally along with wide marketing and media outreach,” said Stavros Karapanagiotis, Managing Director.

Marine electronics on display

As a regular Posidonia exhibitor, with five participations under its belt, marine electronics specialist TNL Group is a strong advocate of the show’s ability to help maritime organisations and companies achieve their commercial and communications objectives. According to Evangelos Andriotis, TNL Group CEO:

“The Posidonia exhibition has always been a milestone in the international market development toward to Innovation and its adaptation to the everyday business of the maritime sector. We expect this year’s participation to magnify the fact that the integrated solutions we offer are aiming to serve real needs. Posidonia is nothing less than the opportunity to improve your knowledge, keeping up with the latest technological developments and explore your chances of becoming part of the big changes that are shaping the market. Most importantly though, Posidonia is the perfect meeting place where partners and friends have the time to discuss and exchange opinions, and set the new market trends,” TNL has recently announced a new office opening in Cyprus.

Powerful Manpower

Romanian crew manning, recruitment and crew management company Stargate Crewing has chosen Posidonia 2018 to make its global debut as an exhibitor, as it hopes to showcase its brand capabilities and services to the Greek maritime sector, in particular to shipowners, ship managers and the Greek maritime cluster at large.

It is already in the process of opening a new office in Athens for a joint venture enterprise, Crewseas Management Limited, a newly established Crew Management company with offices in Athens , Romania and the UK. “We are new to participating in international exhibitions, but we do expect to do some networking with the Greek shipping community with our participation at Posidonia 2018, where we hope to build long-standing business relationships,” said Ionut Rusu, Managing Director, Stargate Crewing. “We are providing the best crew from Romania to our clients, and this is because we are the first choice for the best talent in our market due to our outstanding professional reputation.”

Gateway to Success

Industrial manufacturer Emmis S.A. is making its Posidonia debut this June where it plans to launch its new type-approved marine transformers. Certified by Lloyd’s Register, these transformers are one of the many products and services provided by the widely diversified Greek company which specialises in the areas of manufacturing, assembling and provision of premium end-to-end electrical supply, control and power quality systems and solutions especially for the marine industry. Andreas Miserlis, Owner & CEO, said: “Posidonia is our main gateway to the marine industry and an integral part of our strategic development and export marketing plan. Our Emmis Marine business unit, together with the certification of our marine transformers and the design and provision of complete tailor-made marine systems and solutions, showcase our strong commitment to serving the contemporary needs of the marine industry.”

Arabian Ambition

Nico International’s sixth Posidonia participation this June reiterates the Arabian

Gulf company’s commitment to the exhibition which has helped it gain much wanted international recognition. Exhibiting in Greece has contributed to establishing it as one of the key players in the marine and industrial engineering sector thanks to a diverse portfolio of dry docking, steel fabrication and ship and boat repair and maintenance services. Established 44 years ago in the United Arab Emirates, Nico International is an established Posidonia exhibitor making its sixth appearance at this year’s event where it plans to display its wide gamut of marine repair services. Mr. Prakash Kumar, General Manager said: “NICO successfully provides essential, efficient and reliable services and total solutions through its technically competent, highly skilled and effective workforce, who are dedicated to meet and exceed customer expectations. The commitment to continued investment in infrastructure development and equipment enables NICO to remain ahead of the growing market needs.”

Need a Lift?

Peiner Smag Lifting Technologies, a manufacturer of grabs and other lifting

accessories for cargo handling for various industries, is a regular German exhibitor at Posidonia with five participations under its belt and counting. The reasons for its Posidonia preference are simple: “The shipping industry in Greece is of crucial importance for our business. Being present in Greece helps us to built up a long-term, trusting relationship with the customer and to guarantee the successful trading of our company in this sector. Posidonia is a good platform to gain new leads, but also to intensify the cooperation with our regular clients,” said Jürgen Bialek, Managing Director of PEINER SMAG Lifting Technologies GmbH. The company is a manufacturer of grabs and other lifting accessories for cargo handling for various industries and key areas of action are ports, ships, manufacturers of cranes and construction machinery, waste-to-energy plants and recycling/scrap handling businesses.