MetLife appoints Patrik Ringstroem as new chief strategy officer

Τετάρτη, 08 Μαΐου 2019 10:02

MetLife has appointed Patrik Ringstroem as the new chief strategy officer to help drive top- and bottom-line financial performance.

Ringstroem will assume the new role from July this year. He will report to MetLife president and CEO Michel Khalaf.

In his new role, he will spearhead the team responsible for MetLife’s global strategy.

Ringstroem will succeed Rebecca Tadikonda, who will continue to serve as head of strategic growth markets for the company’s Asia region.

Khalaf said: “MetLife’s strategy is essential to delivering products and services that will strengthen our customers’ financial security and well-being, and creating even greater value for our shareholders.

“With his extensive experience advising financial services firms and as a corporate strategy leader, Patrik will play a critical role in defining the next horizon of MetLife’s strategy.”

Before joining MetLife, Ringstroem was with JPMorgan Chase & Co where he served as head of corporate strategy.

He joined JPMorgan Chase & Co in 2017. Before that, he acted as a partner in Oliver Wyman’s financial services practice.

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